The Right Way to Drink Whiskey at a Bar

The world is not going to end if someone drinks whiskey the wrong way, but it sure would ruin their whiskey tasting experience and in our opinion as well as in the opinions of a lot of really respectable folk out there the wasting of even a single drop of whiskey is a major crime that really should be deal with in the highest courts of the land! All of that aside, what is the right way to drink whiskey? There is a fair amount of debate that has happened regarding this but science is one thing that does not care about your feelings with all things having been considered and taken into account and therefore using science to find the right way to drink whiskey could be a rather useful thing for you to end up doing.

Instead of adding ice to your whiskey and watering it down to the point where it would end up being absolutely disgusting, why not just add a splash of water to your drink instead? Whiskey doesn’t have to be cold to be enjoyed, and the water that you add is going to be a tiny amount which would react to the molecules of the whiskey you are drinking in bars in Denver CO and make it so that the flavor profile would be accentuated in every way, shape or form.

You can try it out for yourself if you are skeptical. Pour yourself two glasses of whiskey and add a few drops of water into one of them. When you sip each one, you would notice that the one with a small amount of water actually has a more balanced flavor profile.