CCTV system for that ultimate security solution in Singapore

cctv system

Whether it is your residential or commercial space, you would complete security in any premises you own. Also, you must provide security to those living in the premises owned by you. A cctv system singapore is likely to give you the ultimate surveillance solution required to maintain security.

How CCTV cameras help in providing security

When the cameras are strategically placed around the premise, each camera records and restores footage for real-time or future viewing. With somebody to give a 24*7 surveillance solution inside your home or office, you can have peace of mind that anyone and anything within the premises are safe. CCTV systems provide real-time monitoring and thus any mishap can be restricted with its help.

The types of CCTV cameras are

  • Solar CCTV cameras – run by solar power and wireless transmission, you can select between PTZ or fixed cameras.
  • Dome CCTV cameras – the IR dome CCTV cameras are suitable for homes, offices, shops and warehouses.
  • Bullet CCTV cameras – the IR bullet CCTV cameras can be installed for boh indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Fisheye CCTV cameras – these cameras are well performers when a 360 degree angle view is required.
  • PTZ cameras – these cameras give heavy-duty performance in construction sites and manufactories.
  • Body temperature screening cameras – these types of cameras are required where body temperature measurement is a necessity.

Whether it is Singapore or any other place in the world, a secured place is always desirable for work or family. CCTV cameras provide surveillance to levels which cannot be matched by any human doing the same work.